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Adapt, Sell, Support... ...Repeat!

Your one-stop-shop to the French market

Adapt your communication, 
Sell locally, 
Support your customers

France has one of the largest and fastest growing (+16% yoy) e-markets in Europe with e-shoppers reaching out to cross-border buying for 20% of the transactions.

But only 39% of the French speak English – why not target 100% of them ?

GoFrench's one-stop offer enables merchants from any country to trade on the French market through their own brand, using their own voice.

​We work in the name of your business and you fulfil orders:

Adapt, Sell, Support …Repeat!



Grey Basket
Your website

Words are not meaning.

Contextual clues and local culture are needed to sound French, look credible and generate sales.

SEO friendly vocabulary, competitor's choices are part of the exercise.

​This can all be achieved within your internal layouts, policies and tone.

 ► I will localise your entire website in the same tone of voice as the original version.

Magnifying Glass - Grey

Your communication

Your buying funnel is loaded with automatic emails to prospects or customers which need to be in proper (human) French.

order confirmation, follow-up on delivery, asking for a review, offering referral bonus.

These need to be up and running in proper and commercial terms.

► I will translate all your automatic communication with customers.

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Your legal terms

Are your terms & conditions in line with French regulations?

Are you registered for VAT requirements?

Are you in line with privacy policy and the new GDPR?​

► I will review your legal mentions and requirements and keep you up-to-date.



Price Tag - Grey
Get customers

With my Google Adword training, I can work closely with your agency to help build a French campaign.

SEO: Keywords, negatives, SQRs and adcopies need to be reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis

SEA: Bloggers or influencers can help locally increase your brand awareness

Referral and affiliation: codes or vouchers will be wisely distributed

►  I will localise your campaigns working with your agency within your set boundaries.

Delivery Van

Get there

Have you adapted to the market specificity and delivery expectations?

Is your reverse logistics clearly stated for the buyer to be in full confidence?

​Do you want to offer a national return option to lift the last hesitations?

Do you want to handle a local buffer stock for faster delivery?

► I can handle your stock or returns locally and perform quality controls under your guidance.

Credit Card - Dark Grey

Get paid

Are you offering the right currency?

Will local customers find their preferred payment options?

Is your pricing coherent and consistent within the existing market?

► I will review the payment terms and conditions with you and advise of any adjustment needed in the future.



Customer Service Icon - Grey
Your customers

There will be questions!

Either through your existing chat system, by email or phone, prospects and customers will want to be in touch with questions, before or after the sale.

Handling them properly and in their language means respect and returning customers.

► I will handle your customer service in French in direct link with your English CS.

Secure Icon - Grey

Your reviews

49% of webshoppers read reviews before making a decision about a product or a website.

Reviews also give a regular and relevant update to your website, pushing its SEO.

It is a great tool for customer conversation, to be linked to customer service.​

► I will handle reviews and feedbacks to brighten your online reputation in France.

Gift - Grey

Your follow-up

Talk to your customers and they will come back and bring their friends; but that’s only if you speak their language!

Regular newsletters in French are key to customer retention

Publishing French content on a regular basis in your social medias is staying top of their minds.

► I will turn your customers to  ambassadors

Why me
see my LinkedIN profile
Caroline Tixier

As you may have understood, my aim is to blend into your existing workflow.

I will be working with your internal staff, your PPC agency, your referral network and, of course, your French speaking customers.

Everything you need to set up a successful e-commerce in France has been thought through and can be adapted precisely to your business, your site, your voice: it's "French-as-a-Service"!

With over 20 years of experience, mostly working in B2B internet businesses, I am happy to offer a full catalog of services to you.

Since 1999, I have helped set up French​ affiliates for Swedish, American and British companies and developed a local media for expat information, in English.

Since 2015, I have been localising e-commerce sites for the French market.

You will enjoy working in a cost efficient and flexible way to generate additional sales .

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