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how to translate adwords?

Get your customers

With my Google Adword training, I can work closely with your agency to help build a French campaign.

SEO: Keywords, negatives, SQRs and adcopies need to be reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis

SEA: Bloggers or influencers can help locally increase your brand awareness

Referral and affiliation: codes or vouchers will be wisely distributed

►  I will localise your campaigns working with your agency within your set boundaries.

get French referrals

Get there

Have you adapted to the market specificity and delivery expectations?

Is your reverse logistics clearly stated for the buyer to be in full confidence?

​Do you want to offer a national return option to lift the last hesitations?

Do you want to handle a local buffer stock for faster delivery?

► I can handle your stock or returns locally and perform quality controls under your guidance.

start a good reputation in France

Get paid

Are you offering the right currency?

Will local customers find their preferred payment options?

Is your pricing coherent and consistent within the existing market?

► I will review the payment terms and conditions with you and advise of any adjustment needed in the future.


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